Play Better Golf with Easy Yoga

Powerful – Proven – Effective
Discover the path to par with easy yoga!
• Improve balance and body positioning
• Increase swing distance and accuracy
• Gain stamina and energy
• Calm the overactive, “critical” mind
• Avoid golf-related injuries to joints and spine
• Enjoy the game more … even from the rough!

Golf pros everywhere are using and recommending yoga to provide a complete, comprehensive workout, aid in mastering the mental game and foster more consistent play. On and off the course, golfers who practice yoga enjoy greater confidence, power, and focus.
• Learn special breathing techniques to calm the mind and relax the body, leading to tireless, effortless play and greater shot distance and control
• Strengthen your core, enhance muscle memory and increase flexibility–reducing the risk of golf-related injury and shortening recovery time

Start today! Illustrated, easy-to-follow, yoga-based fitness exercises help you find—and stay in—your zone. Lower your score and your blood pressure … the easy way.


If you eat for emotional reasons, “use” food as a barrier to negative feelings, and all but given up on ever achieving your ideal body, Felicity Garver wrote the book “Food Addicts” to help YOU. You don’t need another diet, you need emotional rescue to resolve the reasons you overeat or eat when you’re not hungry.

Stop using food to solve problems it can’t solve, and begin feeling good about yourself at any weight…become happier and stronger, and go after what you really hunger for in life!

The top 10 tips in “Food Addicts” will show you how to end compulsive eating, lose weight, keep it off, and give you the confidence you need to take charge of your life! You’ll learn:
*Why dieting never works in the long run for weight loss
*How emotions masquerade as hunger, and how to tell the difference
*How to eliminate fear and anxiety about food and eating
*How to reach your ideal weight without dieting or deprivation!

You don’t need another diet…you need emotional rescue, and in “Food Addicts” you’ll find it!


Find out how the ancient practice of yoga can help you get swimsuit sexy by stepping up your metabolism, adding muscle, eliminating toxins and unwanted fat. Learn the poses that will shed pounds while toning up the the organs and glands that make you a lean, serene, fat-burning machine. You’ll relax better, become focused, strong and energized.

Diets alone never work for lasting weight loss, and repeated dieting causes metabolic and psychological damage. Let’s face it, no one likes to diet, you simply need to outsmart your metabolism to lose weight and keep it off. Find out the secrets of how to coax your body into using up its fat stores for energy, not saving them as extra flab on your hips.

Includes motivational tips to keep you “on the mat,” and how important proper breathing is to achieving the healthy, lithe, and sexy body you’ve always wanted.
Get started now, be bikini-ready in a few short months. No yoga experience necessary, you can dive in at any level with these 12 easy poses. Illustrated.