Stay Young with Easy Yoga

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Easy Yoga is the way to be “Vital-icious” well into your senior years. It’s never too late to improve!
Without good health as we age, it‘s impossible to enjoy the things in life that matter. Stay Young with Easy Yoga makes it possible to retain your ability to do everyday activities, such as turn around easily while backing up your car, bend over to cut your toenails or put on your shoes, pick up your grandkids, or reach for something on a high shelf.
You can look, feel, and live better in a few weeks!

Spend just minutes a day practicing Easy Yoga and…

  • Strengthen your bones and the core muscles that keep your posture erect
  • Brighten your brain and sleep better
  • Avoid age-related falls
  • Boost your immune system
  • Gain energy and vitality, improve stamina
  • Sooth your soul and minimize mood swings
  • Lower your blood pressure and calm your nerves
  • Gain control over brain fog, migraines, menstrual discomfort, digestive problems, constipation, and bladder problems
  • Lose weight

Add ease to your life with Easy Yoga!
Why act your age if you don’t have to? Seniors who consistently practice yoga enjoy better balance, improved mobility, and joints that ache far less while doing more. Keep your body youthful and active, without pain, without strain.
Be strong, be flexible, be happy!
Let yoga master Patricia Bacall show you how in this easy-to-follow guide. No previous yoga experience required, includes section on chair yoga. Illustrated.


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