Are you sick and tired of the whole weight loss/gain cycle?
Do you feel out of control, guilty, nervous or shameful around food? Are you frustrated with losing some weight, only to gain it back, and always having to eat according to someone else’s “rules”? I get it…you have probably had it with self-denial and restriction; “cheating” on yourself, just so you can eat what you want. Perhaps your self-esteem has taken a beating because you are upset with your inability to stay on a diet. If you’ve ever looked in the mirror and said, “I hate by body,” then you know the tremendous discomfort of feeling that your body is somehow not right.
Diets don’t work — they never do!
Remember all the times that you’ve been on diets. Perhaps you were fortunate and lost weight. In most cases, however, the weight doesn’t stay off. Most dieters think it was something they did that resulted in the failure to maintain that lower weight, but the fact is that diets failed them. Once they go off the diet, they most likely gain back all the weight they’ve lost plus a few pounds. In fact, this happens to 95-98% of people who do lose weight on a diet.
If you feel the time is right to eliminate the causes of overeating, overweight, fat, and lose the weight once and forever, you should stop wasting your time with pills, diets, shakes or trying to sweat the weight off. Ultimately, the only lasting results come from changing your eating habits and learning to eat how thin people do. How’s that? With the Loving Yourself Thin with Vivation Breathwork book and CD course, you’ll find out exactly what thin people do to stay that way. Retail price $12.95 Buy now on Amazon.


Loving Yourself Thin with Vivation Breathwork 2 CD set

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