The Chocolate Lover’s Guide to Weight Loss

ChocLovCoverFin_smallLet’s face it, no one likes to diet, and most people fail miserably at it. Diets don’t work for permanent weight loss, and create an ugly, negative downward spiral of self-deprivation and loss of self-esteem. Why not learn how to have fun, eat moderately, and enjoy a wide variety of foods, while continually dropping excess pounds?

A fun, yet seriously useful guide to how to have your chocolate and lose weight, too! Packed with the latest interesting (non-diet) approaches to achieving your ideal body, this book gives practical, real-world advice on dropping the extra weight and keeping it off for life. Includes recipes for healthy chocolate treats, a 15-minute exercise program for boosting metabolism, and hundreds of tips to make your weight loss journey actually fun and easy.

A special section on the Vivation breathwork technique is included to turbo-boost your healing of negative emotions that cause overeating, and to reduce stress.


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